Private transport and transfer service Venice

Booking Private Transfer Service

When you’ve just stepped off the plane the last thing you want to do is spend an hour on a bus, with several dozen other passengers, waiting to be dropped off at a hotel. A trip that takes ten minutes in a car can take an hour via a standard airport shuttle bus.

The Delfino Autoservizi Private Transport Service

A high-quality private transport service, Venice, doesn’t need to cost you a small fortune. Delfino Autoservizi offers a private transfer service that will collect you from the airport and take you to any hotel or other destination in the area.

You should note that they have a fleet of vehicles equipped to assist people with disabilities as well as standard vehicles for able-bodied people. They also offer

Chauffeur driven Cars

The chauffeur driven cars can be used as taxis, private transfer service, Venice, or to give you a private tour of the surrounding area.

Water Limousines

If you’re visiting Venice you’re going to want the best possible water limousine to allow you to explore the various canals and islands that make up this stunning area of the world.

Secure Parking

Should you wish to park your car while visiting Venice you’ll find their car parking facilities are covered, monitored, and guarded, twenty-four hours a day.

Why A Private Transport Service in Venice

The Delfino Autoservizi transport service doesn’t just take you into Venice. It can take you to any destination you wish in complete comfort and safety.

The company is certified by ISO and works hard to ensure you have a high-quality service every time you use them.

It’s easy to book your transfer as they are open twenty-four hours a day. Best of all, you go where you want to without having to share the ride or take three times as long as necessary to get there. 

If you haven’t used their service before it’s time you did!