Secure Parking in Venice Italy

Whether you have your own vehicle or a cost-effective rental option, you need to know that it’s safe when you leave it. Venice generally has low crime rates but that doesn’t mean you should be lapse about finding secure parking, Venice, Italy.

Safe guarded park

The key is to use a reputable company. Never leave your vehicle with someone unless you’re confident that they have a good reputation. That’s why you need to use Delfino Autoservizi secure parking Mestre, Italy.

The company has been in business for over40 years and is certified by ISO for excellence. Their car parking facilities are fully monitored to ensure your vehicle is safe. They are also covered to reduce the visibility of vehicles and they are guarded.

In short, it’s extremely difficult to remove a car unless you’re authorized to. But, they don’t just offer secure parking, Venice, Italy, you can also benefit from the following services:

·        Chauffeur driven car hire

What better way is there to see the sights? You’ll be shown things you would never have found by yourself.

·        Water taxis

You’re in Venice, you need to use a water taxi to get between places. What better choice is there than the luxury, water limousine?

·        Airport transfers

The secure parking Venice, Italy is located just outside the city with a convenient bus service. That makes the secure parking facilities easy to get to and the city at your fingertips.

·        Private tours

If you’re looking for a private tour around Venice or the surrounding areas then you’re in the right place. Securely park your car, jump on your private tour, and enjoy.

Why Choose our Secure Parking in Mestre, Venice,  Italy

You can attempt to park on the street and risk not being able to locate your car. You’ll also have to navigate the small streets to find your perfect parking spot. Delfino Autoservizi offers secure parking Venice, Italy, ensuring the only thing you have to worry about is enjoying yourself.