Transportation for people with disabilities in Venice

Getting Transportation For Disabled People

If you have a disability or know someone who has then you’ll appreciate how difficult it can be getting transportation for people with disabilities, Venice, or anywhere in the world. Conventional vehicles simply won’t do. That’s why you need to choose businesses that specialize in this service.

Meet Delfino Autoservizi in Venice, Italy

Delfino Autoservizi was created in 1975. For the last 20 years, they have specialized in transportation for people with disabilities, Venice. They understand the importance of discretion and of having the right facilities to ensure any journey is easy and pleasurable. They have an array of vehicles and options to ensure they can provide the best transportation service for disabled people, Venice.

Of course, they offer an array of other services that are worth being aware of:

·        Secure Parking Facilities

Their parking is open twenty-four hours a day, it’s monitored, covered, and guarded. If you want to leave a vehicle in or near Venice there is no better option.

·        Airport Transfers

Venice is just 10 minutes from Marco Polo airport. Delfino Autoservizi offers a transport service to take you between the airport and the city or to their car parking and rental facility. As specialists, they are the best choice as transportation for people with disabilities, Venice.

·        Water limousines

The water limousine is the best way to see Venice and visit an array of delightful spots. You’ll find their water taxis are great, whether you’re able-bodied or disabled.

·        Private Tours

You can even book private tours with Delfino Autoservizi. This is a great option for privacy and discretion, effectively allowing disabled people to enjoy Venice and the surrounding areas in comfort.

Choosing The Best Transportation For People With Disabilities in Venice

Delfino Autoservizi offers an array of services at reasonable prices. But, the real reason you should use them is their expertise and experience with transportation service for disabled people, Venice. Using their services means you can focus on what matters, enjoying yourself.